Sunday, October 02, 2005

Hampton University - University Museum

Hampton University - University Museum: "19.3 A special issue; 'Rhythm of Structure: MathArt in the African Diaspora' examines the interface between mathematics and quantum physics and the visual art and material cultures of African American and other black people. Articles: Visual Forms in our Rhythms by John Sims; Work Dance of a Rhythm Master by Al Smith with physicist James Lindesay; Women Art Math: Beauty and Balance, Precision 'n Sass by Juliette Harris;A Geometric Bridge Across the Middle Passage: Mathematics in the Art of John Biggers by Ron Eglash; Imagining Meaning in Form To Remember Those Enslaved on the Continent by Brent Collins; Simon Gouveneur: Plotting A Metaphysics of MathArt by Andrea Pollan; Numbering on My Fingers and Toes by Howardena Pindell; Interweaving Art and Mathematics in African Design by Paulus Gerdes; Notes of a Math Art by John Sims and An Alchemy of Math Art.Artwork by: John Sims (cover); Jeff Donaldson; Al Smith; John Biggers; Simon Gouverneur; Howardena Pindell; Lisa Corrine Davis; Terri Foster; Charles Gaines; Francine Haskins; Vandorn Hinnant; M. Scott Johnson; Al Loving; Joe Overstreet; James Phillips; Adrian Piper; Kevin Sipp; Richard Ward; Joyce Wellman and Jack White (with commentary from several of these artists); images of quilts and artifacts; and documentary photography by Roland Freeman and Leigh Richmond Miner."

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