Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Re:From: Howard Dean

I have seen no evidence that the 2006 election will not be stolen just like the 2004, 2000, ...

The way voting is handled in this country is horrific. There is no way to validate what has happened. Although the true recount in Florida showed that Al Gore won the election to POTUS in 2000, the Democrats did nothing. Same stuff in 2004 with Kerry. Nothing.

Now there are even more electronic voting machine that have been shown conclusively to be easily tampered, plus the voting irregularities list grows longer by day, and the exit polls have been shown to be correct. What has the party of opposition done? Nothing. Now you want money to replay the same charade. I don't think so.

How can you ask me with a straight face to support a party who has balls the size of BBs if they have any at all. Yeah, "they won't know what hit them" because the impact will be so slight. Why right here in South Dakota, the Democrat representative that we worked hard to elect has turned her back on liberal progressive ideas and became a Republican in everything but name. You people are pitiful.

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Dear Alan,

As 2006 begins, I am reaching out to you and every other Democratic Party supporter I can find. I'm urging you to immediately contribute to the Democratic National Committee.

We cannot let Republicans off the hook - in 2006 Democrats will not back down.

Help make January the biggest month ever with Democrats making more donations than in any previous month in history.


This is the year when the corruption, cronyism, and incompetence of the Republican Party collides with a powerful grassroots Democratic campaign. They won't know what hit them.

If we can count on the 2006 support of loyal friends like you, we'll take the power out of their hands. And we'll move America forward.

Here is why your donation means so much.

With your support, we can recruit strong Democratic candidates to challenge the increasing number of vulnerable Republican incumbents.

With your support, we can stand behind Democratic candidates who are taking strong stands on the issues and giving powerful voice to our values.

I'm talking about Democrats who understand, like you and I do, the one principle that should guide everything we do in 2006:

We cannot let Republicans off the hook - in 2006 Democrats will not back down.


Are you ready to take it to the Republicans every day in 2006?

Are you ready to continue our work building a year-round, 50-state grassroots Democratic Party capable of carrying our candidates to victory?

Then now is the time to act. Be part of the biggest single month of Democratic membership support in history. Contribute now with as generous a donation as you can possibly afford.


This is the month when - in a collective act of political will - we're going to propel our 2006 campaign forward all across America. And, from this point on, we're never looking back, never stopping until we win.

We've got the Republicans on the ropes. Let's go for it.

On to victory,

Governor Howard Dean, M.D.

P.S. Please act right now. The sooner you contribute, the better our chances of victory in this crucial election year.


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