Wednesday, February 01, 2006

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Energy gap: Crisis for humanity?

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Energy gap: Crisis for humanity?:

"Based partly on the predicted availability of cheap coal, the IEA forecasts a 50% rise in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

Mainstream climate science, meanwhile, indicates that to avoid dangerous consequences of climate change, emissions should fall, not rise, by 50%.

The economic and environmental horses are clearly pulling in mutually incompatible directions.

No climate curbs

It is a rare human that dons a hair shirt voluntarily; and in seeking to deal with climate change, we are, it seems, behaving to type."

In an increasingly bizarre world, the boy emperor may have something right, for all the wrong reasons of course. It will take a totalitarian approach to the looming global warming catastrophe. No free market incentive of personal self interest will even come close to making the reductions in oil consumption that will be necessary. It will have to be mandatory. The only choice is how it is imposed--under human terms or natural terms.BA


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