Thursday, July 26, 2007

Why ride fast?

Who cares about drugs? Society with its,that's all of us, hypocritical need to blame someone for something? Everyone is addicted. Society wants to believe its sports heroes are as clean as we delude ourselves into thinking we are. Rubbish!

RAGBRAI was just another venue where riders were trying to beat somebody. If not that they were talking numbers, how fast, how far, how long, wtf is that about?

It is not about speed or numbers, folks. It is a world wide mania teetering on "more."

Complete and unadulterated consumption horseshit.

The alternative: a slow, really slow, ride on a quiet gravel back road. Listen to the birds, stop and count the pebbles in a square decimeter and how long it took you rounded to the nearest hour if you need numbers to talk about, spot a new wild flower, listen to your heart beat when you see something new.

Bicycling is about a tee-totaling different world view.

Don't let speed and flash steal this from you. The criminal capitalistic incarnation of greed is winning now but it will not last. Wake up and sl-o--o---w down. Think subversion! Beat them with their own clubs. It will take some time but the world will thank you even if humans self-destruct!

War is not the Answer

Slow- - -
not just for food anymore

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