Sunday, November 11, 2007

All about Dad, born 11 11 11--- ----------------------time to celebrate

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After church a nice dinner with some fine wine, then off to take a ride in the country. The good South Dakota breeze in the Depot Parking Lot.

Interactive Map of the Fairview Township Birthday Loop, Veterans Day 2007, Ed's 96th Birthday.

A daughter-in-law's perspective"
Had such a nice dinner, and Ed just so enjoyed it. Then we went for a drive out in the Fulton area, all gravel roads etc. and Mag had not been out and about that way for 25 years, so she said, but she could still remember so many details of who lives where, and knew most of the current occupants of farms. And Ron was just delighted--hadn't been out either, but for many more years. It was fun to be a mouse in the corner and just listen--many times all 4 of them talking at once. Just a festival of old stories. Ron was recalling his high school classmates, stories etc. Just a WONDERFUL day.


Blogger Mike Bender said...

Alan & Carol,

I enjoyed the pics and interactive map. I know it's been 20+ years since I made the drive out to the farm - lots of memories.

It was good to see both of you at the suprise b-day party. Everyone was in a great mood and a good time was had by all (some, a little more than others).

Have a nice Thanksgiving.

6:35 AM  

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