Thursday, January 12, 2006

5mph speed limits in all cities to begin

World Carfree Network - Freesources: "Energy And Equity

by Ivan Illich, 1974

Ivan Illich’s brilliant, classic, mind-blowing essay argues (among other things) that high speed is the critical factor that makes transportation socially destructive, that we have become dangerously overpowered by our technology. He calls for a society based around low-speed transport, having found that, at speeds faster than 15 mph, equity declines, the scarcity of both time and space increases, and the human and natural environment are degraded. Illich thus finds a contradiction implicit in the joint pursuit of equity and industrial growth.

I propose that speed control devices be installed on car with computers that set maximum speed at 5mph. Whenever the vehicle enters a city the device would be activated. The rest of the changes will happen as it by magic.


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