Tuesday, February 21, 2006

TomPaine.com - Jurassic President

TomPaine.com - Jurassic President:
"Bringing Crichton in to buck up the president may serve Rove’s purposes in the short term. But as long as the president himself falls back on works of fiction to provide the rationale for this policy of destruction, he does little but cement his place in history—as the 21st century Nero who fiddled while the planet began to burn and melt."

I wrote a poem about the president fiddling a couple years ago Sorry to be an American.

Bring on more idiocy. No criticism.
We must execute our Christian nation
ritual expiation. It’s a do-unto-others situation.
Our country knows, the promise is due.
Or “we’ll kick the shit out of you!”
Make you sorry
and take our glory
from you humans who did not learn
George W. will fiddle and let the world burn.


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