Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Month in Ireland?

We confirmed our flights for a month in Ireland beginning mid-April. The weather here this week is just right to get us in the mood for hiking and biking on the Emerald Isle. The next couple weeks should be a fun time doing the home work in preparation for the trip.

On the other hand, things are pretty special right here at home. When I took the dog out for a run this morning, there were some muddy spots and a place where I rode through water running across the road, about 8" deep, to get to a grass road where a nesting pair of giant Canada geese hang out.

The geese and the ducks are all over the place and song birds are singing up their own private storms. The cloudy drizzle provides a kind of quietude that does not exist on sunny days. It always pleases me when I rediscover what a treasure a cloudy, rainy spring day can be if you just get out in it. While tootling along at about 4-5mph one wonders why speed is so important to so many bicycle riders when there are so many sensory experiences just waiting to thrill us if we allow it to happen.

The dog, a golden retriever, was having the time of her life wading or swimming in every puddle. She didn't even look at the waterfowl and upland birds that were sharing our space, she didn't need them to have a good time. They call dogs good friends, and they do make good companions, but they can teach the humans who take the time to watch a great deal about how to enjoy the minute.

I guess you could say that life is a trip even if you don't go far. Now to get at those income taxes. That is hard when there are distractions like these as close as the outdoors.

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