Sunday, August 05, 2007

Hello Alina

A friend of ours from Germany arrived at our house today. She lives in Ruschberg Germany and will be spending 2 months in the USA and will be calling our house home during that time. We have many things planned and we will be introducing her around to friends young and old.

I hope you all get a chance to meet her. She is a most delightful and pleasant young woman--anyone would benefit from her acquaintance and friendship.

Stay tuned for a picture. Alina's brother set a website for her and we will be linking that so all of you can keep up with her adventures.

A closeup of Ruschberg

Google map of Germany. Zoom in and look in the SW and find Luxemberg first then Idar-Oberstein. Keep zooming in that area until you see the intersection of L169 and L176 near Ruschberg.

Yahoo Map centered on Landstuhl where Alina plans to go to school

Put in Ruschberg, de and get the route to orient you.

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