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Design Anarchy Book PreviewJammers and Cultural Creatives,

The latest book by Adbusters founder Kalle Lasn, Design Anarchy, takes an unflinching look at contemporary art and design, implicating its seemingly innocuous practices in crimes against our culture and our planet.

Equal parts memoir, manifesto, scrapbook and revolutionary design manual, the book is an urgent call for students, artists, designers, architects and communicators to re-engage with the world, to explore their role in the pollution and future redemption of our mental and physical commons. In the battle for a new kind of meaning, Design Anarchy is 400 pages without precedent.

Featuring the work of Banksy, Chris Woods, Andy Goldsworthy, Jeff Wall, Edward Burtynsky, John McWilliams, Ryan McGinness, Andre Serrano, Dah Len, Robert Mapplethorpe, John Goto, Mark Tansey, Mieke Gerritzen, Gregory Crewdson . . .

Half price for art and design students. Take a peek inside at:


With April looming, we once again find ourselves deep in strategy mode, searching for ways to re-inject some political energy into the screen-free celebration we helped start way back in the early '90s. We've always known that there's a lot more at stake than just getting people off their couches: TV-Turnoff is all about saying no to being inundated with unwelcome commercial messages. Saying no to unfettered media concentration. And challenging the heavily distorted reflection of the world that we see every day on the screen.

The question is how to communicate the importance of unplugging -- and all the larger issues that action represents. Should we try again to air one of our anti-television TV spots? Should we try to get the word out in other media? Or should we focus on helping to organize grassroots action in our cities, on our streets and in our schools?

We want you to help brainstorm for TV Turnoff this year. Send campaign ideas to:


Creative Sparks: The Artistic Lives of Machines
Ken MacAllister * Adbusters #64
In the late 1990s, Hans Moravec, Ray Kurzweil, Neil Gershenfeld and Kevin Warwick all published popular books predicting that artificial intelligence would soon overtake human intelligence in every way, including creativity. If they are right, then we will, in the not-too-distant future, see machines creating works of art, positing new scientific theories, inventing new devices, even designing their own successors - and doing it all at blinding speed . . .

Is Our Future Tied to China's Economic Growth?
Maria Hampton * Adbusters #64
Water in five of China's largest rivers is now so polluted it's dangerous to touch, acid rain bathes 30 percent of its land, half its forests are gone, and two-thirds of major Chinese cities fail air-quality standards, with officials admitting that in some areas breathing is the equivalent of smoking two packs of cigarettes a day. But the picture hasn't always been this bleak . . .


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