Monday, May 01, 2006

FrinkTank � Science-In-Action

FrinkTank � Science-In-Action: "Apparently, Japanese doctor and former videogame-hater Dr. Ryuta Kawashima and Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata put some actual research behind Brain Age. Kotaku blogger Brian Crecente dug a bit deeper in the Rocky Mountain News:

Both the study and the game were built around the use of real-time imaging of the brain, which can track which portions of the brain are being used while people are doing different things. In 2001, Kawashima said the imaging showed that playing games doesn’t use the prefrontal cortex, where learning, memory, emotion and impulse control take place. Instead, only the portions of the brain used for movement and vision were used. But the brain games, Kawashima claims, exercise those frontal lobes."


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