Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Grandma and the National Guard, Hubert Wilson

Hubert Wilson


Grandma and the National Guard

Yet another dangerous grandma headed to the border.
Seems her Medicare prescription plan is also in such disorder!
Deadlines, penalties, and plan confusion.
Her Medicare health plan is just an illusion!
She must again leave her own nation
Just to get her medication!
Prescription drugs in Mexico so much cheaper.
With Medicare - in her pocketbook she must dig deeper!
Forced to become a lawbreaker geriatric.
Understanding Medicare plans makes her psychiatric!
No rational middle ground
Can anywhere be found!
Grandma tried for answers in many a telephone call.
All she got was a stall!
Now, to her utter dismay -
Her telephone is monitored 24-7 by the NSA!
Will the old lady by the National Guard be caught
Because of the cheaper medication she bought?
Will the National Guard search her full body
Because of what Medicare does now embody?
Will Grandma become a Cheney stuffed trophy 'quail'
Because of her medication sale?

Hubert Wilson

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